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Bioforce and Bioforce contract cultivation: 100% organic

You know what you are buying: all plants from which A.Vogel products originate either from our own cultivation or from organic farmers working on contract. More >

Our Harvest – Your Profit

Whether from our own fields, from those of our contract farmers or from our specially trained wild gatherers:  the plants are harvested at an ideal, carefully predetermined time and immediately made into tincture so that we can provide the maximum content of active substances. More >

More Preparation

High quality natural remedies from fresh plants: discover everything about the production of tinctures, the advantages of natural extraction with drinking alcohol and the further preparation of tinctures to a solid from such as tablets. More >

Quality Control and Research

Trust is good; control is better.  Thanks to seamless control and intensive research we guarantee a consistently high quality in our products. At the same time we are always looking for new opportunities to enable us to expand our range for your benefit.
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